Overclocking 3080 for mining

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I simply received an EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 and would really like to percentage my mining settings so other miners will have a reference, and to see if I should make improvements.

Memory: +950 (still testing, no rejected stocks after ninety mins)

Hashrate: ~ 92 MH/s (would be better if the card wasn't used as show)

Edit : I want to feature to my post as I nevertheless see a few traffic. My memory overclock is right down to +755. I changed into nevertheless experiencing occasional crashes. Hashrate is ninety five,1 MH/s if I even have just restarted the computer, but will drop to ninety one after heavy usage (gaming).

Update : my pc crashes at 950 memory.

I am getting around ninety six-97mh/s with these settings and electricity usage: 225-230W

Hi, I just tried out your settings on my Vision OC. Problem is that lovers are spinning at a hundred% on automobile, despite the fact that the cardboard is below 50c. Don't understand why..

I simply got the choices imaginative and prescient. I’ll be trying those settings tonight. Currently I’m round 84mh/s. Thank you for sharing this!

How approximately hive os settings ?

Memory: +1890 (First in Precision X1 up Memory and later open MSI Afterburner and choose rest)

Fans: seventy six% and 1 noctua A6 (60mm) inyect wind in reminiscence

that's a truely precise HR. I actually have the exact identical card. When you are saying core 1250, that is approximately -100Mhz to the middle isn't it ?

I'm the use of SimpleMiningOS and Trex miner. I even have an open air rig in a small room with a window a/c on 24/7. I'm nonetheless testing unique miners to discover the very best hashrate.

EVGA 3080 FTW3 w/thermal pads upgraded and kryonaut paste carried out

Core: fluctuates between 1095-1110 (-250)

Memory: 10852mhz (+3400 in linux or identical to +1700 in afterburner)

Memory temp: I don't realize reason I haven't tested in windows since the improve, however before the choices thermal pad upgrade I'd get 90c so I could bet I'm getting low eighty's

Have you tried pushing the card earlier than the choices pads and paste upgrade? The FTW3 has super cooling out of the box and may not want the upgrade. I understand your temps went down but turned into it throttling earlier than?

235W is a bit excessive however it does get you a touch extra hashrate I suppose. Yours is insane!

Power restriction: a hundred percentCore: Fixed 1000MHz @ 700mVMemory: +600MHzPower consumption: 202WHashrate: 91MH/s

EVGA 3080 FT3 right here on HiveOS

Did you get all three enthusiasts spinning? Cannot get my third fan to work in hiveos

how is your card coping with this now after it's been a little while, still easy?

EVGA 3080 FT3 Ultra on HiveOSFan 80Core 0Mem: 2200PL: 230HR: 98,3.

Has a person checked Mem. Junction temp with those settings?

Awesome. Need to get one ASAP.

Getting 97.4 on 70% pl 1010 guys clock fanatics 60-70% on car with the choices tuf Andy you can still tell if that is ok to preserve as stable settings?